Vibhay Sinha


Coach for Top Management and Entrepreneurs

Mantra: The Dalai Lama teaches that compassion is the cure-all for all of humanity's problems. By following both compassion and empathy, Vibhay has found solace and peace of mind.

Vibhay has a successful track record as advisor and coach for CEO's and senior management. His expertise includes helping create connectivity in the corporation and with external stakeholders. He has benefited many organizations by advocating the 'Compete and Cooperate' ethos for the individual success of employees and concurrently that of the corporation.

He holds an MS degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.

Career Highlights:  Vibhay was the CEO of joint ventures for over three decades involving Fortune 500 companies, including Indian, Japanese, UK, French, Italian and German Corporations. His work with US companies included Ford Motor Company, Johnson Controls, Federal-Mogul, Cabot Corporation, Exide, Dana Corporation and Gabriel. Multinational companies includes Furukawa (Japan), Varta and Mahle (Germany) , Bosch GMBH (Germany), Fiam Group (Italy), as well as Oldham UK and Oldham France.

  • For ten years, Vibhay was Vice- Chairman, CEO and Managing Director, at Gabriel India Ltd., a joint venture of erstwhile Maremont Corporation of US with Anand Automotive Group of India. He diversified the Company to become the largest supplier of struts and shock absorbers in India including for two-wheelers. He started a new division of the company in Gabriel to manufacture bearings in collaboration with Federal-Mogul (US). This division became the second-largest bearing manufacturer within seven years.
  • CEO for another ten years of other Anand Companies , including Purolator India Ltd (JV with Purolator USA), and Perfect circle Victor India Ltd (JV with Dana Corporation USA).
  • CEO and Managing Director of Standard Batteries Ltd for ten years. This company was bankrupt. Turned it around to profitability by entering into a collaboration with Furukawa Batteries and becoming the largest OEM supplier and second-largest battery company in India. We then sold the company to Exide (India) at a huge profit.
  • CEO and Managing Director of Kilburn Engineering Ltd for ten years. Manufacturer of Rotary Dryers and Industrial Machinery in collaboration with Nara Machinery, Japan This Company had become unviable. Achieved a turn around to become profitable by acquiring prestigious customers, Cabot Corporation (USA) , Nirma (India) and Aditya Birla Group (India).

Vibhay has also authored and co-authored many articles published in business magazines.