Prasad Kaipa

In his journey spanning decades, Prasad has been an author, leadership coach, adviser and researcher. Amidst changing roles, the only constant in his life has been a desire to delve deeper into his essence and sensibility. This essence has been shaped by other roles he has played, like those of a father, brother and husband.

Prasad strives to bring Indian Vedantic wisdom into management theory and practice. Just like the Japanese contribution to management and manufacturing, he believes Indian wisdom can contribute to change management, leadership development, employee engagement and motivation.

Cognitive and neurological sciences along with brain research also hold Prasad’s deep interest. While Vedantic wisdom is more about purpose and passion, behavioural sciences help validate the direction in which we apply our passion in a scientific manner. He uses these neurological capabilities to help others’ spirit, heart and mind work harmoniously.

Artificial Intelligence is something Prasad has seen ‘grow up’ – and has been hooked on, ever since his days at Apple University. AI today is much more than it was 20 years ago; it has the potential to give humans emotional support and shield them from vulnerability. His current passion project is to find ways to instill compassion and empathy into Alexa, Siri, Cortana and their friends. Prasad is always on the lookout for those who share his vision and want to collaborate with him to make these dreams a reality.

Thought Provoker