S “Mani” Manikantan, BE, MBA, ACC, ITCA


Experience & Background

Mani is a coach with over 25 years of technology and business experience where he helped people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. His clients include Startup Founders/CEOs, senior managers, and leaders serving next 2 billion.

Mani’s corporate background includes marquee Silicon Valley Tech and Internet companies. His work experience spans Fortune 50 (HP, Yahoo) to Startups to Rural development. Having demonstrated successful, result-orientation in delivering high-use, mission-critical products, he has shown transformational flexibility in growing social enterprises. He has also founded, was part of entrepreneurial journey in health and mobile app space as well mentored founders on platform business. As a fellow of national level think tank (Ispirt) and collaborator (House of Genius), he focused on software and entrepreneurship as a game changer for India.

His business acumen as an executive dealing with the large challenges of product, people and program management of key business initiatives blended well with his deep passion as an executive coach. His clients include corporations (like Uber, EY, Adobe) to start-up firms.


  • Upcoming Startups in Health, Education, Fashion platforms Technology companies in India
  • In US Clients include technology enabled companies, big 5 consulting, Banking.
  • Co-creating successful transformational coaching plans starting with 360 Feedback and support success, fulfillment contribution for themselves and their teams in this VUCA era.

Representative Assignments & Clients

  • C-Level IT, Senior Leadership (focus on executive leadership, strategic change)
  • CEO Startup (executive transition from corporate to new venture)
  • VP and CEO Rural Commerce (focus on managing emotional response)
  • Founder, Health Services (building new rural team)
  • Senior Leaders (Pandemic related business transformation, Strategy, Resilience)

Education / Certifications / Coaching Perspective

Mani holds an MBA (Innovation and Managing Technology), bachelor’s in computer science. He is a credentialed 1on1 ICF coach and team EMCC coach with a deep connect via transformational presence. Mani’s perspective of life is an Odyssey. As a life-long committed explorer in it, he supports others in their business and life expeditions (long-range plans).

Mani is at home around the globe across cultures - With his family, currently lives in Ashburn, VA. He enjoys Mountains – hiking, parks – frisbee and trails.

Contact Information

US (703) 599-7426 mani@claritycocreated.com or Somayaji.manikantan@gmail.com
https://www.linkedin.com/in/smanikantan/ ( http://bit.ly/ICFMani , http://bit.ly/EMCCMani )
Somayaji  Manikantan BE, MBA, ACC (ICF) ITCA (EMCC)

Team & Leadership Coach, Startup & Business Mentor ( http://bit.ly/ICFMani  http://bit.ly/EMCCMani )

Explorer's companion for Business and Life Expeditions ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/smanikantan/ )
+1 703-599-7426
skype : smanikantan
Ashburn, VA

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