Joanne Morton


Her art and events help people activate positive energy within themselves so they go from feeling stressed and frustrated to feel relaxed and motivated. When people feel relaxed it Resets Energy, Creates Ease and Sustains Success in their lives thus giving them motivation to collaborate to create positive change with others.

Joanne has been producing events since the late 90s. Her first events were self-produced creative experiences in New York City. Since moving to Savannah, GA, Joanne has produced some of the largest events in Savannah, including the Savannah Earth Day Festival. She was the festival director from 2017 to 2019. Over 7000+ people attended these festivals to visit the 100+ non profit and local vendors, enjoy musical entertainment on the main stage, and participate in the 15+ free workshops. In 2016, Joanne also produced nine monthly art fair events and co-created the Southern Family Festival in 2017. She combines her artistic inspirations and work experience to create teams that respects, empowers and celebrates everyone.

Joanne Morton is an artist, performer, and activist. Joanne uses art and visualization games together to encourage conversation and action to create positive solutions for our lives, communities, and world.

I  invite people to creatively express themselves and their visions/intentions by discovering the colors within.

She is currently working on traveling with her community engagement art project in 2022.  The Manifesting Mobile is a large-scale hanging mobile. Since 2010, people have shared their personal visions for a Healthy Planet – Healthy People – Healthy Prosperity.

When we can see our collective vision, it inspires action and solutions that uplifts others.