Jay Chodagam

Purpose Guide ★ Meditation Teacher ★ Diversity & Inclusion Trainer

Jay Chodagam is a corporate trainer, TEDx speaker, producer of SPIRIT Summit conference and host for the Wise Leader retreats.

After training as a monk for 18 years and working as an engineer in Silicon Valley for 12 years, he was called to integrate ancient wisdom with modern science for resilient, sustainable and creative workplaces. Since then, Jay has traveled to over 60 countries to help people develop SQ (spiritual quotient), to live happy and fulfilling lives, to become successful human BEINGS instead of human doings.

Past engagements include Google, McKinsey, Gap Inc., and Stanford University. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Petroleum Engineering from UT Austin.


  • Connection & Inclusion at Workplace - 5-part online program to examine the quality of connection within the organization, then identifying interventions surrounding unconscious bias and specific diversity and inclusion strategies.
  • Stress Management With Meditation Course - 6-part online training program on stress reduction based on ancient wisdom and modern science