Gayle Cloud

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Gayle Cloud, MT-BC, NMT is the director and founder of Cloud Music Therapy. A board-certified music therapist and a neurologic music therapist, she lives in Seattle, WA and works in the greater Seattle area.

Gayle is a pioneer and a visionary who continues to spearhead new music therapy programs in her region. As part of the "Arts and Healing" program, she developed and introduced the University of Washington Medical Center's first music therapy offering. For five years, Gayle worked in individual and group settings with patients in the cardiac, rehabilitation, pain management, transplant, intensive care and neonatal intensive care units. Gayle also created the first music therapy group program at the Swedish MS Center for out-patients who are living with neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's.

An experienced public speaker, Gayle provides educational and experiential webinars, zoom sessions and in-person forums to the music therapy community or to organizations who would like to learn more about the benefits of music therapy. Among her topics are “The Brain Benefits of Music Therapy and “The Healing Power of Music Therapy.”

In her practice, Gayle believes in collaboration with wellness teams, creative therapists, caregivers and families to create communities of support for individuals who are facing physical and psychological challenges. Having lived internationally, She has broad experience working with individuals from a host of different cultures and backgrounds.

Gayle is passionate about music—in particular, how music therapy can transform lives, heal the spirit and provide hope for an abundant life, regardless of the physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual challenges one may be experiencing. Working often with individuals who are living with chronic illnesses, Gayle helps clients to find freedom of expression and deep support for their healing and wellness goals. Known for her exuberant spirit and uniquely creative music therapy sessions, her clients  are encouraged to work through challenges and embrace the stellar qualities that define them as extraordinary human beings.

Gayle has taken a long and adventurous road to arrive at the perfectly- suited profession of music therapist. Before becoming a music therapist, she spent many years as an international songwriter, performer and recording artist. She began her music career in Paris as a jazz singer, followed by several years as a musician/singer/songwriter in New York City before returning to her hometown of Seattle. Gayle also owned and operated a full-service public relations firm, Cloud Communications, in Seattle for many years before moving to Europe.

After coming back to Seattle, Gayle returned to school and earned a degree in music therapy from Seattle Pacific University. While her main instrument is voice, Gayle also plays the piano, guitar, flute and a diversity of percussion instruments.

Gayle now spends every day sharing the joy of music in a host of personal, medical and corporate settings. Using insights from her world adventures,Gayle’s clients enjoy her innovative music therapy approach and the diversity of musical styles, genres and influences that she brings to her work.