Dr. Aruna Chinnakotla


Aruna is a busy primary care physician by profession. For some, that might be all but not for Aruna, whose skills and interests extend much further beyond the arena of medical treatment. Aruna is a certified aerobics instructor via AFAA and Zumba. She blends her passion beautifully with her profession by advocating exercise as the first line of defense against chronic illness, as well as a strong complement to active treatment of health problems. All through her childhood and adolescence, Aruna pursued performance art and sport, whether it be in the form of amateur theater, dance, or competitive sports where she had won several state-level karate championships. Coming from India and being well exposed to the now universally popular Bollywood music and dance certainly adds that touch of glamor to this already multi-dimensional lady!

Cities (Live/work)

San Francisco Bay Area


Fusion Beatz Co-Founder, Chief Executing Officer, AFAA certified Fitness Instructor.

Teaching Experience

Teaching is a passion of mine, and I was able to fulfill that through the Mona Khan Company. I taught Bollywood dance for 4 years to students of all ages. I was also an assistant teacher for my Bharatanatyam guru, Indumathy Ganesh, for numerous years.