Ashwani Khurana


Mr. Ashwani Khurana is one of the most passionate environmentalists of our times and believes in walking his talk. Already a successful and admired entrepreneur in India, at the age of 28 he had the unique distinction of being the highest individual income taxpayer in the country. He is currently the President of Karma Lakelands a gated community of villas with the theme "Eco responsible living" around a golf course.

George Bernard Shaw famously said:

A reasonable man adapts himself to the world; an unreasonable man persists in trying to get the world to adapt to him. Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.

Ashwani Khurana is just that. When he wanted to make the golf course no smoking, everyone said it will not work. But he was unreasonable and decided to go ahead. Today after many years we see that he has succeeded. This same unreasonableness drove him to transforme some 300 acres of barren landscape into the paradise of Karma Lakelands, where residents and guests enjoy what is often called "eco-living."

Eco-living has become fashionable today, but when Ashwani started two decades ago, he was a pioneer. A Karma Lakelands you find a large campus with these amazing features:

  • No horns are allowed –and the policy is strictly followed.
  • There is a water recycling and sewage/compost treatment system which ensures minimal wastage of natural resources.
  • People live in environment shared with many other of nature’s creatures.
  • A2 milk, ghee, eggs, and honey are organically produced and used in not only Klub Karma but also delivered to  guests and residents on request.

All of this located just 20-30 minutes from the hotspots of Gurgaon –and a seemingly a million miles from its pollution and congestion.