The 12-Week Amazing Habit Adoption Program

Even if you have a lot that you want to change in your life and workplace, fundamentally all change starts with doing at least one thing differently. What’s amazing is that if that one thing is chosen well, it ripples outward, changing other things.

So it is important to be able to change one chosen habit well and do it sustainably. As you become proficient at it, you can add other habits to change. Soon, you will have a compounding effect that produces profound positive change in your life and work.

Our 12-week program is an easy, lightweight way to get started. In the program, you will learn the most powerful and proven basic concepts, which you will then use to set up your life system to so that your changes continue indefinitely in a sustainable way. All of this is guided by our experienced coaches to make it easier for you to overcome the inertia of staying the same and make quick progress on your chosen path.

The program can be done individually or as part of a corporate team. When done together as a team it provides additional benefits such improving:

  • Employee engagement
  • Innovation
  • Retention
  • Well-being

Research has consistently shown that improvements in these areas can significantly improve corporate performance and the bottom line.

Program version: 8/223/2023

Program Features

  • Twelve 1-hour live sessions, one per week; ½ hour content, ½ group support & discussion
  • 5 mins of video content weekly
  • One weekly activity in email
  • Online tracking form
  • Live individual coaching sessions


Week 1. Starting with Gratitude

Usually, people are inspired to change their lives because of situations that are wrong, depressing, and distressing occurring around them. But nothing is done without hope, so we start by turning despair into hope and understanding the fundamental power of changing one thing to change the world.

Week 2: Implementation Intention

In this session, we discuss how to turn your intention to change into a solid plan. Just hoping to change is not enough. We need to translate your desire to change into an action plan. In this session, we will discuss the three critical components of a successful plan, and we will help you work through them for your chosen intention.

Week 3: Better Ways to Track Success

Tracking is critical to success. This session will cover ways of easily and powerfully tracking your progress. We will introduce our proprietary method so that we can track our progress both individual and together.

Week 4: Tips and Tricks

This week covers some tips and tricks of how to improve your success rate.

Week 5: Building Awareness of What’s Holding You Back

We are all part of a system of behaviors that we engage in that determine how we spend our precious time, motivation, and commitment. We will discuss how to identify drains on our system and remove them.

Week 6: How to Effectively Use Support Groups

A key part of your plan is getting support from peers, friends, co-workers, and even fellow travelers on the journey. We’ll cover how to identify and set up your support system.

Week 7: Rewarding Yourself

Positive reinforcement is critical. We don’t do things that don’t payoff. But what makes it difficult is that some activities don’t pay off for a while into the future. We’ll learn how to set up smaller, more immediate payoffs that subconsciously build and strengthen your motivation.

Week 8: Creating the Right Triggers

We each have a daily limit to our willpower and motivation. Learn to shape your environment to make it easier to get the stuff you want to do done.

Week 9: Avoiding the Wrong Triggers

There is a way to break unwanted habits. We’ll cover how you do it. We’ll take the list from previous work and apply the method to one of the items.

Week 10: Simplifying Your Life

This week is a deeper dive into how to make it all easier to get what you want to do done. We’ll talk about simplifying decision-making using guidance used by Jeff Bezos and the Two-Minute Rule.

Week 11: Stacking Positive Behaviors

Now that you have mastered changing one behavior, we’ll talk about how to build on that foundation by stacking additional behaviors that you want to change.

Week 12: Celebrating and Sustaining

In this final week, we share stories and celebrate success. We’ll make plans on how to sustain the change going forward.